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I don’t know if you knew this I have the habit to write about everything that is happening to me every broken heart , impossible love , new crush , happiness or sadness that happens to me is documented in a song or a poem. But none of the texts that I have written have the amount of feelings that this one has  . This text is a mix of pain and happiness . this text is about my best friend and how I say my goodbyes. OK, lets start.

Dear Lucas :

Remember that time  not so long ago when we were so perfect and we laugh for hours when everything was calm and we were always together . But that moment ended and you walk away maybe is for the best. In high school people told me that our friendship will not last long and that you were like poison for me but you know what I don’t fucking care I prefer to be killed by this poison than being without you. If I could build a time machine I will do it all again all the tears all the laughs every single moment I live with you . This is the second time I say goodbye to you I thought it would be easier but it is killing me every single world I am typing is like a sword that hit me straight to my heart . Well goodbye my best friend



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Well fuck I saw him again he is so dam cute.  I don’t know if it is the mix between the emotional pain and the rush of joy that seeing you gave me but this relationship has turn into an addiction. I am having an overdose of this mysterious an sick narcotic call love. Oh , boy I am trying to let you go but this isn’t gonna end that easy. I just wanna fly.


Man of Steel Behind of Scenes→ “Superman Suit”

"Well, we went through months of, you know, putting the suit together and trying different materials and different sort of, you know, styles and different lengths of cape, different size of S shield, different S’s. and made this thing into something truly special.  It has like a.. An almost physical energy about it. And it affects people. People will, you know stand straight or will go: "Hey,man." when they see you in the suit. Where you walk past them before not in the suit, and they’re just like, "Hey". It’s something I can’t quite put a word to."

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This is the best ASL Bucket Challenge I’ve seen so far.


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Straight vodka burns less than telling you what you did was okay.

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and if you turn to ur left you’ll see the emos

is that my chemical romance?

OH MY GOD not every group of emos is my chemical romance stfu tumblr

but it actually is my chemical romance

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I just wanna know why the hell Donna is in jail ¿

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is that dave mustaine

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This must be the coolest dog ever not allowed here…

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